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Root Care

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Roots are the life-line of any tree or shrub. Most of a trees roots grow in the top 12″ of soil with the fine roots in the top 3-5″ of soil. Careful monitoring can prevent several problems.

How root problems develop

• Too much or too little moisture

• Poor soil drainage

• PH to high or low

• Planting improperly – too high or too low

• De icing salts

• Herbicide damage – weed control

• Construction on root damage

• Adding soil to roots

• Compaction (vehicles or pedestrians)

Warning signs of root problems

• Lack of root flare

• Fungal growths on roots or trunk

• Yellow, dwarf or light green foliage

• A heavy crop of berries, cones, or acorns

• Stunted twig growth

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