CPR Class Of 2014/15At Eden Tree Pros, we want to give our employees tools and experiences that they will be able to use in the work place and out in everyday life. The use of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is something that no one ever hopes to use, but when and if something happens it can save a life to know. We want to make sure our employees are equipped with all the tools they need to be successful in every area of life, and CPR is something that transfers from home life to work life.

Many things can happen to require emergency services and we have trained our employees with the basic responses that can help save a life until Emergency Responders arrive. The following is some of the steps that our employees learned.

The first step is to attempt to wake the victim, if the victim is confused or doesn’t respond call 911. Make sure that the airway is open by using the Head-Tilt, Chin-Lift method and put your ear to the victim’s mouth. Look for chest movement, listen for air flowing through the mouth or nose and feel for air on your cheek, if you don’t notice any of the signs of breathing then begin rescue breathing.

CPR Class Consistent chest compressions are the most important part of helping the heart get going again, even if you are not giving rescue breaths, still perform chest compressions. When performing chest compress, do not let your hand bounce. Let the chest fully recoil but keep the heel of your hands in contact with the chest at all times. If done correctly, your hands should by right in the middle of the Sternum and should be giving a fast, consistent compression on top of the heart.

For more information on these steps go to the Emergency Cardiac Care (ECC) Guidelines from the American Heart Association