Are your Oaks looking yellow? This time of year your Oak trees should be looking lush and green. If you’re seeing them turn from green to yellow, then your trees are suffering from a common Great Plains malady called chlorosis. Chlorosis is caused by a lack of iron being fed into the tree. Trees need iron to create the chlorophyll that keeps the leaves green and allows the tree to use sunlight to create food for its self.

The Midwest has some areas that are iron deficient; however, the usual culprit in these cases is the high acidity of the soil. Highly acidic soil (7.5pH and above) keeps the mineral iron that is in the soil in a state that is not bioavailable for the plants in the area to use. That leads to Chlorosis, the yellowing of leaves and eventually to a slowing of tree growth and then a dieback of branches.

Certain plants, like Oak trees, are more susceptible to Chlorosis than others. So it is possible to have plants in the same yard that are perfectly fine while others are suffering from chlorosis. That’s why it often takes a certified arborist to diagnose Chlorosis and that’s where Eden Tree Pros can help you keep your Oak trees looking their very best.

Our certified arborists will come out and take a look at your oak trees and give you a FREE estimate on what needs to be done to bring your tree back to a lush green state. The good news is, we can treat your tree and generally have it looking as lush and green as it should in just 10 days! So don’t watch as your valuable landscape asset turns yellow and eventually dies. Call Eden Tree Pros today at 402-332-2839 or contact us for a free estimate.