It happens every year – and it’s just part of living in the Midwest – hail, high winds, lightening and even tornados wreak havoc on landscaping and trees – sometimes leaving you with a real mess to clean up.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. At Eden Tree Pros we can help you fix the problem, before it becomes one. Call us to have a Free Arborist Tree Hazard Evaluation by one of our Tree Pros.

We can inspect your trees for potential hazards, like that branch that’s waiting to go through your window with the next high wind or the tree that is likely to uproot and fall, and fix them for you before the next big storm.

The most common causes of these types of problems are natural form imperfections, such as two or more branches trying to become the center point of the tree, creating an area of weakness. Decay, in single branches or the trunk of the tree, can lead to branch or even total tree failure. Improper pruning and damage from lawnmowers/grass trimmers can also affect a tree’s stability. And finally, stem girding roots can cause compression in the lower trunk that creates a weak point that fails in high winds.
Our certified arborists can inspect your trees for all of these potential hazards and our climbers and pruning technicians can have them in tip-top-shape in no time.

If the last bout of weather left you with hanging branches or damaged trees we can fix those for you too. There’s no reason for you to risk your well-being climbing around in the trees trying to fix storm damage. Some things are just better left to the professionals, especially those things that involve being high off the ground! Our professionally trained staff can prune broken or damaged limbs with specialized equipment and have your trees looking great again.

While we’re out taking a look for hazards, our experienced arborists would be happy to evaluate the health of your trees, too. Don’t wait until the next Nebraska extreme weather episode; take care of your valuable landscaping today. Call Eden Tree Pros at 402-332-2839 for a Free Arborist Tree Hazard Evaluation.