We had so many different questions sent our way after our last blog post on the Emerald Ash Borer we decided to answer them in the blog so everyone out there can benefit from the information. Just to recap, Emerald Ash Borers are an exotic beetle that originated in Asia and were first discovered in in the United States in Michigan during 2002. Since then, the invasive pests have spread to 24 states and continue to move ever closer to Nebraska. Iowa and Colorado both have reported infestations – so we are already bordered by these destructive bugs.
The good news is that these damaging pests don’t have to kill the trees on your property. There is a professional tree injection that is available to fend off the Emerald Ash Borers – both in their adult phase, and most importantly, during their larvae phase when they actually damage the trees enough to kill them. Injecting your tree with this treatment will provide most trees with protection in about a week and can even stop damage if your tree has been recently infested. Trunk injection treatments use a systemic insecticide that doesn’t harm the surrounding environment. Emerald Ash Borer trunk injections are 99-100% effective and last for two years from treatment. We use small plugs and a one way port, and then seal the plugs carefully to keep tree wounding to a minimum. Each treatment is given by an arborist to assure your tree of maximum protection.
Eden Tree Pros has licensed arborists on staff and any one of them would be happy to give you a FREE, no obligation estimate if you have an ash tree you are concerned about. We have made trees our lives and we are dedicated to stemming the tide of these destructive invading pests. So why not call us today at 402-332-2839 for a Free Emerald Ash Borer treatment estimate.